QR Code Readers

How do I know which QR Code Readers to get for my mobile phone or computer?

Quick Response (QR) Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that use dot matrices to store, encode and read large quantities of data in various formats – such as links to images, web pages and music files.
Unlike ordinary barcodes, which can store up to only 20 digits, QR Codes are two-dimensional with capacity of storage up to 7806 characters. This means they require a QR Code Reader to decode the information.

There are many different Readers available to download and use on your smartphone, PC or Mac.

SQUARE:CODE recommends 2dgo.org as it will identify which mobile phone you use and then help you download a free QR Code Reader. Alternatively, visit Mobile Barcodes.com on your PC or Mac to find out which QR Code Readers work for your mobile phone.

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