Want to really connect with your customers?
SQUARE:CODEs can help.

Across the world, businesses like yours are unleashing the potential of SQUARE:CODE – Dynamic QR Codes.

When your customers scan a Code with a mobile phone, it takes them to your website. With a conventional QR Code, this web address is fixed and can’t be changed.

SQUARE:CODEs are different. When your customers scan a SQUARE:CODE they are redirected to a messages of your choice, such as a website or video. That web address can be updated or changed as often as you like, so your customers are always taken to the most up-to-date, relevant information. Plus, you can quickly and easily create messages that include a call to action, such as a text message or phone call to your company.

Features include:

Scheduled Updates

Schedule your updates in advance over a day, week, month or year so your customers get the right information at the right time. Complete control, even when you’re not around.  See an example of Scheduled QR Codes in action.

Organised Tagging System

See how well different products/campaigns are performing with advanced analytics e.g. chart showing scans for all ¼ page ads, colour, daily newspapers. Respond interactively to your customers’ interests as campaigns or products develop by monitoring how many people have scanned each code. See an example of creating a tag to organise your products .

Update via Mobile or Computer

Update your SQUARE:CODEs using your smartphone – wherever you are. Alternatively, log into The SQUARE:CODE Exchange on your PC or Mac

Pre-print on Products & Sell Them: CONSUMER:CONTROL

Print codes on products without knowing who is going to control them or what they will need the code to show when it is scanned. The end consumer takes control of the Code on the product after purchasing it. A sophisticated security feature enables businesses to sell products with SQUARE:CODEs on them which the customer registers and uses for their own purposes without the product being registered by anyone. For the first time QR Codes can be sold in public to the public.

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